Nintendo Switch 2 — rumors and everything we know so far

Sep 15, 202314 mins read

The gaming world is buzzing with excitement as rumors of a new Nintendo console, tentatively dubbed the "Nintendo Switch 2," continue to circulate. The original Nintendo Switch has been a game-changer for the industry, combining the versatility of a handheld device with the power of a home console.

The Likelihood of a New Nintendo Console


While Nintendo typically introduces entirely new consoles for home use, it has taken a more iterative approach with its handheld devices. Given the age of the Nintendo Switch and its aging hardware, it's highly likely that Nintendo is working on a replacement, and the "Nintendo Switch 2" seems to be the most plausible candidate. Although the exact name remains a mystery, let's explore what the gaming community expects from this potential successor.

Expected Improvements


a. Power Boost: Gamers and enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a significant improvement in processing power. To keep up with the latest gaming experiences and compete with other consoles, the Nintendo Switch 2 needs a substantial boost in performance.

b. OLED Display: The Nintendo Switch OLED was a step in the right direction, and it's expected that the Switch 2 will come with an OLED display as standard. This would enhance visuals and provide more vibrant colors.

c. 4K Output: With 4K TVs becoming increasingly common, gamers hope that the Nintendo Switch 2 will support 4K output. This would bring Nintendo's gaming experience in line with modern television standards.

Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date and Price


Rumors have suggested various release dates, but the consensus seems to point towards a release sometime in 2024. Nintendo's president confirmed that there would be no hardware releases during the next fiscal year, which means fans should not expect the Nintendo Switch 2 before March 2024. The price remains a topic of debate, with estimates ranging from the Nintendo Switch OLED's price point of $349 to $399 or potentially higher, given the rising costs of hardware.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specs


The Nintendo Switch 2's internal hardware remains shrouded in mystery, but it's widely expected to feature a custom system-on-a-chip (SoC) from Nvidia. While there was speculation about an additional co-processor chip to enhance performance when docked, these rumors have quieted down. Storage is anticipated to receive a substantial upgrade, with 512GB being a commonly mentioned figure.

Display Technology


The display is another point of speculation. Many hope for an OLED panel and increased refresh rates, possibly up to 120Hz for smoother gameplay. However, there are concerns that the Nintendo Switch 2 might opt for LCD technology, which would be a step back from the Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch 2 Features


Fans hope for several improvements in the Nintendo Switch 2's features, including enhanced Joy-Con controllers with improved durability, analog triggers, and ergonomic adjustments. Battery life is also a concern, with gamers wishing for a more extended playtime, especially during long journeys. Improved Wi-Fi connectivity is another potential enhancement, crucial for game streaming and downloads.

Nintendo Switch 2 Games


While there's little official information regarding games for the Nintendo Switch 2, rumors suggest exciting possibilities. A new Mario game based on the Unreal 4 engine has been mentioned, as well as reports that Final Fantasy VII Remake will run smoothly on the Switch 2. Developers have reportedly seen a new version of "Breath of the Wild," hinting at a potential release or demo showcasing the console's power.

Backwards Compatibility


Backwards compatibility is a highly desired feature, allowing gamers to enjoy their existing Switch titles on the new console. However, recent rumors have cast doubt on this possibility, which could impact the Switch 2's appeal.



As of now, the Nintendo Switch 2 remains a hot topic of speculation and excitement in the gaming community. Nintendo's track record of innovation and surprises keeps fans eagerly awaiting official announcements. While we don't have all the answers yet, the potential for a more powerful, versatile, and visually stunning Nintendo Switch successor is a thrilling prospect for gamers around the world. Stay tuned for updates as the gaming world continues to buzz with anticipation for the Nintendo Switch 2.

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